Mt Kailash, tibet
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  • Trek to: Hilsa & cross the Nepalese border into Tibet

  • Internal Transfer: Landcruiser to Purang (aka Taklakot)

  • Visa required: Yes if British plus an Aliens' Travel Permit

  • Currency:Chinese Renminbi (RMB)

  • Time Zone:+8hrs GMT

  • Journal:Click here

Day 4, 24/06/10 - Mt Kailash, Tibet

Packed up camp and drove to Darchen this morning, visiting two monasteries en route. Darchen looks a bit like a run down ex-soviet style town with square concrete buildings & smashed windows panes. Not the most visually inspiring place but I'm sensing that here there is bound to be more opportunity for tumble-weed moments!

I'm just glad my time here is only short as I much prefer the freedom & solitude of my tent. As I sit here writing I can feel the altitude, right now I'm feeling a mixture of apprehension & excitement about starting the Kora tomorrow. I've no idea what to expect from the next few days but as ever I'll embrace and deal with things if/when they arise. On that note I'm just about to head off for my first glimpse of the toilet... as ever the perilous adventure continues!

A group of Indian pilgrims arrived at the guest house and it all kicked off. As a measure of self preservation I stayed contained in my room, outside elderly men were screaming at one another. It was quite obvious things were rapidly getting out of control, their guide was frantically making calls on his mobile, in a desperate voice he kept saying, 'please do something quickly they're all turning on me'. From outside my door I could hear that things had now become physical, the walls and doors shook.

Maintaining my silence I quietly turned the lock on my door and in doing so could feel a sigh escape through my breath. The people outside were very unhappy at the prospect of, "sleeping in a garage". I don't think I've ever heard such an intense argument in a foreign language, maybe it's because I'm alone or maybe it's because I don't understand what's happening but I actually feel pretty scared.

Right now as I sit writing this they've just started arguing again and I desperately need a wee. The question is should I brave it, by stepping outside my door and walking through the middle? In addition to my need for a wee there's also one bad-ass beatle in here with me that wants to be let out (or at least I want it to be let out!).