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  • What:Sangye Menlha is the common name of Bhaisajyaguru, also known as the Master of Healing or the Buddha of healing.

  • Why:The veneration of Medicine Buddha (Sangye Menlha in Tibetan) is considered a powerful method not only for healing and increasing healing powers, but also for overcoming the inner sickness of attachment, hatred, and ignorance.

  • Benefits:It is believed that meditating on the Medicine Buddha can help decrease physical/mental illness and suffering.

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Day 7, 29/09/10 - Sangye Menlha, Glastonbury

This morning’s practice started with a run through all of the mantras:

Prayer for the Spiritual Teacher; Invoking the Sangye Menlha; Generating the Mind of Refuge and Compassion; The Energetic Invocation of Sangye Menlha; Invoking of the Eight Sangye Menlha & The Dedication.

Mantra after mantra was delivered, after a week’s practice the melody of each has been etched in our body and mind; the room almost sounded harmonic.

One by one the Rinpoche was approached to deliver blessing. A white silk scarf was placed from my own hands over my head; a spoonful of a water-based herb concoction was poured into my hand, ‘drink it all’. Then Rinpoche delivered a blessing mantra, recited from long strips of paper which were then blown and hit onto my crown chakra.

From thinking earlier in the week, ‘I’m never going to chant any of this stuff on my own’. I have found myself unwittingly muttering, ‘Om na ma red na you dang dhu tsi a mi ri ta kha hi’ with the greatest of ease.

So as I continue my journey it seems appropriate to leave Glastonbury and the Practice of Sangye menlha with a dedication:

Go Sum Dag Pei Ge Wa Gang Gyi Pa

Kham Sum Sem Chen Nam Kyi Dhon Du Ngo

Due Sum Sag Pei Le Drib Kun Jang Ne

Ku Sum Zog Pei Sang Gye Nyur Thob Shok