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  • What:Sangye Menlha is the common name of Bhaisajyaguru, also known as the Master of Healing or the Buddha of healing.

  • Why:The veneration of Medicine Buddha (Sangye Menlha in Tibetan) is considered a powerful method not only for healing and increasing healing powers, but also for overcoming the inner sickness of attachment, hatred, and ignorance.

  • Benefits:It is believed that meditating on the Medicine Buddha can help decrease physical/mental illness and suffering.

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Day 5, 27/09/10 - Sangye Menlha, Glastonbury

Something clicked during this morningís practice, the spoken and written word no longer felt like an ancient, inconceivable language but now I can actually remember some of the chants, remember their order and the sequence of their delivery.

The group formed a big circle invoking the secret and sole chakras Ė thankfully and to my complete relief I have nothing unsavoury to report. It would seem that the sensual, sexual energy of yesterday seems to have dissipated.

When focusing on the secret chakra allís I could see was a bright white and magenta flower with numerous, overlapping petals which appeared to slowly come into blossom. By the time I moved to my sole chakras the lady with the awful panting and wailing sounds had once again sprang into action. By now Iíd completely lost concentration and was imagining her having a Touretteís outburst, imagining her launching into an uncontrollable tirade in the Gompa. Fortunately or unfortunately Rinpoche seemed more than aware of the situation. Each time she built up, on the cusp of frenzy, he stopped the chanting encouraging everyone to take a deep breath and hold it before exhaling; this simple act undoubtedly affected her flow.

What Iím finding really strange is that every conversation the girls and me have regarding questions or uncertainties with the practice the Rinpoche seems to specifically answer them the following day; like heís somehow present or aware of everything thatís going on (even though such conversations take place off site).

Over lunch I fessed up to the feelings/sensations that had arisen in the previous days practice; Karen mentioned she had noticed me getting redder and redder. Both Karen and Bronia smiled the minute I described what had occurred, asking me if Iíd ever heard of the Sacred Serpent, suggesting that the sensations I had described were apparently the awakening of Kundalini energy Ė my naivety & ignorance once again leading me into unfamiliar territory.

Rather than risk the unsavoury effects of another windy vegan supper us girls headed out to the local pub, where we were blessed with great food, drink & plenty of laughter. I also believe by doing so we saved the environment from an evening which otherwise would have been filled with escaping methane gases.

After dinner we walked back, in the dark along the country lanes. At one point we were almost imbedded in the wall as a large tractor squeezed past; the evening air filled with Suzy cussing as she stumbled into clusters of nettles.

Tonight there was a huge bonfire. I sat talking to a Tibetan doctor who was telling me how Raynaudís is a complex condition, resulting from a combination of imbalances in the body and although it cannot be satisfactorily treated with Western medicine it can be treated with a mix of carefully selected Chinese herbs.