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  • What:Sangye Menlha is the common name of Bhaisajyaguru, also known as the Master of Healing or the Buddha of healing.

  • Why:The veneration of Medicine Buddha (Sangye Menlha in Tibetan) is considered a powerful method not only for healing and increasing healing powers, but also for overcoming the inner sickness of attachment, hatred, and ignorance.

  • Benefits:It is believed that meditating on the Medicine Buddha can help decrease physical/mental illness and suffering.

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Discovering Sangye Menlha - Glastonbury

Day 1 - 23/09/10

Mid morning, after copious cups of tea I began my drive from Taunton to Glastonbury, passing en route Burrow Mump; a distinctive feature of the Somerset landscape.

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Day 2 - 24/09/10

Up for breakfast (non-vegan of course!), I’m staying at the Lynch Country House in Somerton. The breakfast room had large windows overlooking the preened, old fashioned gardens.

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Day 3 - 25/09/10

I awoke to a blue sky morning; Somerton has a really pleasant Oldie feel about it but I’m nagged by my waking dreams.

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Day 4 - 26/09/10

Cooked English breakfast this morning in anticipation of a full days practice; the time seems to be flying.

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Day 5 - 27/09/10

Something clicked during this morning’s practice, the spoken and written word no longer felt like an ancient, inconceivable language but now I can actually remember some of the chants, remember their order and the sequence of their delivery.

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Day 6 - 28/09/10

In today’s teaching I was once again preoccupied with Rinpoche’s spontaneous transformations. At times it appeared a young boy was sat upon the thrown, then with the speed of a blink he had transformed into an experienced and wise monk;

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Day 7 - 29/09/10

This morning’s practice started with a run through all of the mantras:

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