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  • What: The channeling of Universal Energy

  • Who: Anyone, a person needs to do nothing more than be attuned by a Master & have the intent to make healing energy available whenever they put their hands on themselves or some else.

  • Benefits:Brings about deep relaxation, assists in the release of energy blockages, provides new vitality in the form of balancing universal life energy & increases the vibrational frequency of the body

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Day 7, 27/11/09: Reiki - Nepal

Another good night's sleep in the Reiki room; surprising because I thought with the spiritual activity and energy of the Shaman I'd be having the odd strange encounter during the night!

Raas asked me this morning if I had any visitors last night; he'd woken to a rat on his bed so he shooed it off & it ran through the floor (big enough holes!) into my shack. I'm so glad I was sleeping in the Reiki room what with spider's webs; spider's eggs; spiders and now rats; jeez I wouldn't have had a big enough book!

A few of us headed into Bhaktapur today which was brilliant; the place felt a lot less busy than a previous visit & I preferred being in a smaller group. Once again I was painting shopping and brought a gorgeous picture of a red sun setting behind a Temple.

It was great to sit up high out in the open to eat our lunch whilst people watching; the place had a real cultural feel to it and everybody just seemed to be milling around going about their everyday business. There were people working; people sat out; pottery making; shared laughter and a rather dramatic bullying incident! I think i could've stayed there for ages, quietly just watching life unfold.

This evening we had a traditional Nepalese BBQ with drumming and dancing; it was great; Oasis was talking very philosophically, comparing Western & Nepalese cultures. He also talked at length about the journey he'd been on and setting up his orphanage; it was so humbling to hear; what was perhaps most touching was all the things he's been through; done and achieved both for his own life and the lives of so many others he still felt that he could never give 100%; in his heart he would never be able to truly give 100% so he was content to give just as much as he could.