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  • What: The channeling of Universal Energy

  • Who: Anyone, a person needs to do nothing more than be attuned by a Master & have the intent to make healing energy available whenever they put their hands on themselves or some else.

  • Benefits:Brings about deep relaxation, assists in the release of energy blockages, provides new vitality in the form of balancing universal life energy & increases the vibrational frequency of the body

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Day 6, 26/11/09: Reiki - Nepal

Spent last night squatting in the Reiki room and slept like a log (if logs actually sleep that is...); I was woken this morning by the sound of a flute playing & singing. We began with an early morning meditation practice; singing bowls & to my absolute horror; chanting (that still makes me cringe!). I have to keep pinching myself in the awareness that I'm actually out here in Nepal doing & experiencing all these things; it's quite incredible; especially with the beautiful backdrop of the Himalayas.

It wasn't long before two Shaman ladies arrived to carry out a ritual ceremony; now I don't think I've ever experienced intensity as that which was felt during this ceremony, especially as they were calling in the spirits to ask for permission. The Shamans were adorned with cow bells; Peacock feathers were worn on their headdress; rice was thrown as an offering and smoky incense burned strong as they beat their drums; harder & harder; harder still...their breathing laboured - intense. The energy in the room was immense; the atmosphere dense; the elder Shaman leaped to her feet & started banging her drum with more physical force than made any natural or logical sense; this body of an elderly lady was beating with the force of someone or something possessed. At times I felt slightly uncomfortable; I guess I was slightly scared by the unknown.

This ritual went on for a few hours and when they settled back down we were each asked to make an offering; which consisted of marigold heads; saffron powder; incense & then to ask a question. Due to my recent personal work it seemed relevant for me to ask the Shaman if I will forgive my past & give myself compassion.

The elderly lady smiled on; at this point I was shaking like a leaf; both Raas and myself had tears in our eyes as he preceded to translate, 'the past is something that should be learned from; a blessing and as such it should be used as a guide; knowledge of this means choices can be made, choices for good. The past is a blessing that will now benefit your future; keep its awareness in the background, let this guide your way not choose your way'.

Admittedly this was very intense; to sit exposed in front of my group and to share this and receive what the Shaman offered me as reply was simply overwhelming. What an experience and so interesting that hearing their words resonated so deep within; even though they're words I've heard before. It was like I was truly listening and embracing every word they uttered; allowing 'myself' to hear.

As I looked over to Suzy and Karen they were both crying and once again seeing this made my eyes well up all over again. I don't think my heart & eyes have ever felt so much empathy; its like out here my intuitive reactions are becoming the first to respond whereas normally my head rules.

This afternoon was just spent chilling out and deservedly so; it'd been an intense day; as we sat outside a cluster of eagles circled overhead. Once again my mind wandered and I couldn't help but wonder if these eagles were anything to do with the Shaman being here because I'd never seen so many; there must've been 20...30.