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  • What: The channeling of Universal Energy

  • Who: Anyone, a person needs to do nothing more than be attuned by a Master & have the intent to make healing energy available whenever they put their hands on themselves or some else.

  • Benefits:Brings about deep relaxation, assists in the release of energy blockages, provides new vitality in the form of balancing universal life energy & increases the vibrational frequency of the body

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Day 12, 02/12/09: Reiki - Nepal

Woke up early this morning for meditation practice which began at 6:30am; we then participated in 1.5hrs of yoga and then received further teachings from the Lama.

The yoga was hilarious! Myself and Bronia couldn't understand the guy and neither of us had a clue what we were doing...then came the giggles! Once we started we couldn't stop; it was so hard to maintain a silent laugh; I was trembling and I daren't even look at Bronia; so instead I glanced over the other side of the room where Helen had obviously already seen us laughing and was herself trembling to keep the laugh suppressed. I have to say I was glad when it ended; my stomach was hurting from trying to stretch whilst holding in the giggles.

Whilst we ate breakfast Bronia informed us of her night of hell! She'd been housed in the banana garden and during the night whilst reading she heard scurrying; as she looked up she noticed rats running across the ceiling beam in her room. The poor girl looked absolutely knackered subsequently she stayed on guard all night with her torch poised, so didn't get any sleep.

The teachings from the Lama were so insightful and I really enjoyed the experience; once again I felt honoured & privileged to have been there. During one of the meditation practices I experienced a pure white light rushing through my crown chakra; the white glow enveloped my core all the way down to the tips of my fingers. It was a serene moment; a moment that I can only describe as meditative bliss; a moment I've simply never experienced before and a moment that required nothing other than myself being present.