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  • What: An ancient healing system which focuses on the restoration of holistic balance through gentle breathing techniques and slow movements

  • Origins: Qigong can be traced back some two thousand years in ancient China.

  • Benefits:Qigong can harmonise, strengthen and have a healing effect on the functioning of all the internal organs and bodily systems. It increases the supply and flow of energy throughout the body, can have a variety of rejuvenating effects and is believed to increase longevity as it induces calm mental and emotional states.

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Day 15, 29/09/11: Discovering Qigong - China

Up early this morning as Francesco and Daisy were leading a qigong practice by a beautiful lake. After breakfast Taina and I explored downtown Fragrant Hill. Finding a few interesting back alleys, as well as riding the chairlift to the summit.

Today we were blessed to witness a rare blue sky over Beijing. It's amazing how I take air for granted but being here over the last few days has really taught me to value each breath.

After returning to the hotel we sat by the pond and spent a couple of hours talking; both of us wondering how much of this trip we would feel able to share.

At 5pm we headed over to the institute; as the big red gates welcomed us for the last time we were once again met by a musical bonanza. Frere Jacques, Jingles Bells; Sound of Silence all the classics were played.

Tonight Master Wan's sister was also present. She is a doctor specialising in the treatment of paralysis and Alzheimer patients. Her methods, using qigong movements, acupuncture and fire have just recently been recognised by the Chinese Government.

She demonstrated this technique by first putting a series of acupuncture needles down the client's spine, then using a specialist mitt she captured the flame and, by using qigong movements spread the fire across his back.

Abi, having been involved in a serious car accident volunteered for the West. It's amazing how much good energy was in the room. I think each and every one of us was transmitting positive energy to her as we watched the flames dance upon her back.

After the treatment Master Wan presented us with our certificates and a qigong herb strap to be positioned over the middle dantian to cultivate energy flow.

Dina had written a poem on behalf of the group and as she read it tears filled our collective eyes; it was so moving.

After a BBQ and firework display we bid farewell to the institute, Master Wan and all his inspirational students. Cha Cha gave me a big kiss which was also pretty sweet; this is certainly one child I could and have softened towards.

Back at the hotel we bid our farewells; it was actually quite emotional. On this trip I have enjoyed the company of each and every group member; I feel a deep gratitude for the sharing and support that has radiated from the heart of everyone. I leave China filled with warmth & love; touched by friendship...

Master Wan's Galaxy

"In a corner of Beijing
Behind great, red gates
Is a Loving Link
Between Heaven and Earth.

And it Drums and Hums
Whirls and Swirls
Laughs and Loves
Sharing freely its joyous song
With the universe.

There should be a galaxy
Named for Master Wan
For he has birthed
So many brilliant stars.

And their eyes twinkle
Even in the dark
Their Smiles, Hearts, and Hands
Warm as the sun
Soothing as moonlight
Each one unique and radiant.

When the great, red gates
Close behind us for the last time
And we return to lives far away
Each one of us
Will hold in our hearts
Their precious gift of light and love.

And each time we look to the Heavens
Our hearts will be full
Deep in Gratitude and Love
For the precious stars
In Master Wan's Galaxy"

Dina Delaini - China 2011