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  • Fly to: Santiago, Chile

  • Internal Transfer: Santiago - Cohaique

  • Visa required: Not if British

  • Currency:Chilean Peso

  • Time Zone:-3hrs GMT

  • Journal:Click here

Day 5, 08/11/07: - Patagonia Northern Icecap

This was our last day at base camp, the food rations were divided into 3's and packed; all outstanding gear was to be purchased/collected locally. Nicki had to hire a backpack (110L) because hers was too small; mine was a 90L and I think it was by far the smallest pack on the trip! Back home in the UK when i was trying to buy a 110L women's pack i was met with barrage of comments like, 'you sure my luv you're only 5'6" - you'll need wheels on a pack that size!' Oh joy - whatever happened to 'thou shalt not judge!'

We packed all our gear and loaded all the backpacks into the trailer. We were then all driven into Cohaique where we were to spend the night in a hostel; the cd appeared to be frozen & repeatedly bellowed out Whitney Housten's 'i will always love you'. That evening we were taken out for a monster steak meal with fried egg to boot - absolutely gorgeous!