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  • Fly to: Santiago, Chile

  • Internal Transfer: Santiago - Cohaique

  • Visa required: Not if British

  • Currency:Chilean Peso

  • Time Zone:-3hrs GMT

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Day 39, 11/12/07 - Patagonia Northern Icecap

The day began with one wet boot - ah this was not going to be good. The wind was howling across the glacier and we were in the same Moulin as yesterday. Today we practiced crevasse ascending & descending, escaping a belay & tandem abseils. My wet foot was now feeling like it was draining all of my energy, it was like I couldn't really focus on anything else and it was now feeling like it'd dropped off.

It was getting to the point where I knew I needed to move, which meant I had to get out of this bloody Moulin! When I made the move Ben insisted on coming back to camp with me; when we arrived back the boy's tent had basically collapsed; ours was still looking damn good.

I clambered in and began the slow task of trying to warm my foot, it seemed really slow especially as I couldn't really tell whether my big toe had come back to life or not (From about day 3 it's felt like an obsolete chunk of wood!). When it started to warm back up the burn was agony & forced me to urge a couple of times which was slightly embarrassing but hey-ho I've been here before. It was actually quite nice to have some quiet time to myself.

The guys were great, but there wasn't anything they could do to help, I'm pretty stubborn and I'm best off dealing with these things by myself. I tried to eat some rice but with the urging there was no way I could stomach something so rich. It was hard trying to explain that I simply couldn't eat & although my body was craving sugar I didn't want to eat one of the few remaining bags of Gorp; consequently I did though. Guess I'm my own worst enemy sometimes.

Before bed everyone came into our tent and we had a lesson on hyperthermia & frostbite - hmm very apt one thinks! (& pretty interesting as it goes!)