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  • Fly to: Santiago, Chile

  • Internal Transfer: Santiago - Cohaique

  • Visa required: Not if British

  • Currency:Chilean Peso

  • Time Zone:-3hrs GMT

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Day 21, 24/11/07 - Patagonia Northern Icecap

3:30am start this morning in order to be packed up and leaving by 5:30am. Dale & I were at the helm today, should be straight forward as we're simply going the same way as yesterday. The pace was excellent and we made good progress, Nic was struggling coming up the boulder ascent & she was clearly in discomfort with her back; I'd had a sh*t day yesterday so I really felt for the girl, knew exactly how tough it was.

Being at the front today I kind of felt responsible; it's like I felt that other peoples' discomfort was directly linked to our leading. As she sat stretching on a rock I wanted to give the girl a hug but instead figured she'd probably prefer my dog biscuit and that was something I could easily offer.

Eventually we arrived at our stash; we loaded up the technical gear and continued up onto the snow line. Dale led kicking in some amazing steps, not quite sure where that lad finds the energy, I was exhausted watching him. Once onto the snowline we dropped our gear and returned down to bring-up the 25day food ration.

Great day, job done; however by now I was really feeling my Achilles. We then spent a good 2hrs building a snow wall for the 3 tents, this was a long job as the bloomin' thing kept wanting to collapse. Once built we pitched the tents & attempted to pitch the mega-mid but to no avail; it was too windy and the snow was too soft to make the central pole stay up - arr well never mind!