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  • Fly to: Santiago, Chile

  • Internal Transfer: Santiago - Cohaique

  • Visa required: Not if British

  • Currency:Chilean Peso

  • Time Zone:-3hrs GMT

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Day 15, 18/11/07 - Patagonia Northern Icecap

Got up at about 9:30am this morning in order to pack up camp and debrief before being picked up by the boat. The Zodiac boat finally arrived at 12:45pm. Jaya, Ariel, Nic & I were in the first boat with our packs positioned at the front. It was so funny I could barely look back at Nic because both of us were creasing ourselves laughing. The boat was basically folding in two with Ariel in the middle hanging on to the cord for dear life; I think she was basically lying flat out on the guy behind steering the boat. So, so funny, she really is unique! Good job she had that helmet on!

It took us an hour to cross the lake and once on the other side we attached the sharps to our packs (well Jaya, Nic & I did) and began our walk back to the landslide where our journey had begun. The river crossing went well, and we were making really good time when it was decided that as we had a good vantage point we would stop and wait for the guys.

We waited and waited and waited, Jaya must have used the satellite phone about 4 times to call Graham. Eventually we decided we'd have to backtrack to go and find them; after about 10minutes the group was reunited. So off we went again, then we had to stop again - Evans had lost a snowshoe off his pack. Eventually after an age he returned having found it so off we went.

Yet again we were called to 'ZERO', turns out Evans hadn't lost 1 snowshoe but 2 and now he had to go back and find the other! The group was waiting around for what seemed like an eternity, Ben & Jaya seemed pretty agitated by the whole thing. Finally we were able to start walking again and eventually made it to the landslide pick-up point at 9:00pm. We then piled our gear onto a mini-bus and followed it on foot for about 20 minutes, eventually we were able climb aboard. We arrived at a hostel in Bertrund at midnight and were so grateful that Ben & Jaya had taken the decision to pay for us to sleep inside the hostel.

That night Ian shared a room with Nic & myself and he asked if for the remainder of the trip he could join our tent; sounded like a good suggestion to us after all we did have a vacancy!