landscape image - Humla, the Hidden Himalayas & Mt Kailash
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  • Fly to: Kathmandu, Nepal

  • Internal Transfer: 2 flights to Nepalgunj 1hr & Simikot 50mins

  • Visa required: Yes if British plus a remote access trek permit

  • Currency:Nepalese Rupee

  • Time Zone:+5hrs45mins GMT

  • Journal:click here

Day 10, 19/06/10: Humla & Limi Valley

I unexpectedly awoke this morning to the rather familiar call of the cukoo. As we ate breakfast a number of families from Jang (the 1st village of upper Limi) arrived to see the 'white woman'. The kids experimented with what little English they knew and once again we were asked to assist with a few medical conditions (eye, throat and back), thankfully in this instance we were actually able to help.

I felt like the Pied Piper as we packed up camp and made our way down the valley, in my wake kids were dancing & playing, the air filled with the gentle sounds of laughter.

As we walked down the trail the sun got hotter, on nearby rocks wild deer stood as if frozen in time. It wasn't long before we reached the 1st of the three Limi villages, Jang. The houses here were amazing, crafted from stone they sat overlooking the twisting waters of the Limi Khola; above stood cultivated terraces all carefully irrigated by this same water source.

A lady came out to welcome us and we were soon invited into her home; she offered us some yak butter tea & dried yak meat. The experience was very surreal, the house was built over three floors meaning that a series of ladders had to be scaled before reaching the kitchen (on the third floor), on leaving we were once again decorated with the customary white silk scarf.

The route out of the village was quite thin in places, boulders overhung the distant waters below. Watching the mules clatter into each other as they clumsily tried to navigate this terrain was at times horrific. I found myself gasping and looking away, Chhewang informed me that they had often lost animals over the edge and hearing that didn't improve my nerves; my heart as they say was most definately in my mouth.

Progressing further down the valley we walked through the village of Halji and as two eagles soared overhead we set up camp just below the third village of Til.