landscape image - Humla, the Hidden Himalayas & Mt Kailash
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  • Fly to: Kathmandu, Nepal

  • Internal Transfer: 2 flights to Nepalgunj 1hr & Simikot 50mins

  • Visa required: Yes if British plus a remote access trek permit

  • Currency:Nepalese Rupee

  • Time Zone:+5hrs45mins GMT

  • Journal:click here

Day 1, 10/06/10: Humla & Limi Valley

It was really surreal to arrive at Kathmandu airport in the early morning and be met by Chhewang. I would be spending the next few nights in the Ti-Se Guest House, a beautiful hotel situated on the peripheral of Boudha.

The proprietors originated from Limi Valley so it was lovely to hear first hand their experiences of Humla & what life was like growing up in Limi. I learnt here that Limi literally translates into 'people of the river valley' and how, with little opportunity it was hard for them to stay and make a life for themselves there.

It was a lovely 5min wander from the Guest House to Boudha, the path leading there was neatly paved with locals sweeping away settled dust with feather and stick brooms. It would seem there has been a big clean-up operation in & around the Boudha and Kathmandu in general, over the last year or so.

Situated in a fantastic location overlooking the mighty Boudha is the Responsible Treks office, the hub of the business with a friendly welcome guaranteed upon entry. Here I met the operations team and assisted Daniel with letter editing - it would seem bureaucracy reigns supreme everywhere these days! Numerous forms were filled out in order to set in motion the proceedings for the Humla remote access permit, Chinese visa & Tibetan Aliens' pass.

The evening was spent at the Garden Terrace Restaurant where I had probably the best vegetable spring roll ever tasted, the sight of a rather large rat running past the kitchen merely added to the sense of rustic, authenticity and of course re-affirmed my decision to go for the vegetarian option.