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  • About:Bali has a long tradition of Bali Usada, also known as Balinese traditional healing. The Balinese live equally in two worlds: the seen or conscious world called sekala, and the unseen or psychic world, called niskala. In traditional Balinese healing, both of these elements need to be addressed in order to truly heal.

  • What to expect:The experience will be very public. The healer may make magic, create fire, use mudras, draw patterns on your body, spit wads of chewed herbs on your skin, apply scented oils, poke you with sharp sticks and/or give you a deep tissue massage or manipulation.

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Day 4, 04/11/11: Discovering Spirit - Bali

Up early to watch the sun rise above the calm waters before heading out for a walk with Joanne. As we walked the volcanic shoreline she gifted me, in the form of a Simpsons analogue the most precious of insights.

When we got back to our beachside retreat we all headed into the pool with Ken; far out at sea we could see Sam & Bpae diving for lobster. In no time at all Yoda had arrived and after a quick change we were ready for our first initiation - the diagnosis. Well I say we were ready, but at this point I certainly had no idea what being ready meant. All's I was actually doing was showing up with my beginners mind.

The diagnosis came in a number of parts: birth name analysis, hand reading, chakra scan, feet transmission, aura colour & clarity, and the number of flowers that would be required for the Melukat (sacred purification ceremony).

As Jo received hers Paula and I took notes. On a couple of occasions I couldn't write, it was like I had become lost in the nature of what was being said and the actuality of it all. It was a really emotional process to witness.

Our diagnoses were delivered whilst sat intimately huddled in a thatched alcove overlooking the ocean. The setting was divine but as we sat to receive our attention was well and truly focussed on what was being said.

Birth Name:

After Yoda had asked me to print my birth name he then scanned over it, his concentration was clearly visible as his body twitched. After a few moments of quiet he began scribbling lines and numbers on paper; it pretty much resembled an inverted pyramid.

Through Kens' translation he said that I had chosen a good birth path, that my finances were ok & that they would keep growing. Then he smiled and shook his head, as he spoke Ken glanced over at me and with a knowing look said, "Your biggest challenge is love... only love".

Hand Reading:

He reported good health and said that I could manifest whatever I wanted in this life. He then went on to mention a very high IQ but that my IQ and finances were not in balance and asked if I had any idea why this would be. I was slightly taken aback but at the same time it resonated. I mentioned my lack of confidence in my own ability and never wanting to take on responsibility for fear of letting other people and myself down.

Yoda said this was something we needed to work on to change in order to actualise the potential it holds. When he started to look at my relationships his face contorted and he began shaking his head as if he'd been visited on the inside by an annoying wasp. Eventually after scrubbing the side of my hand several times he shook his head. Through Ken he said, "There is a door closed in relationships and if you ask him to he can work to open this, but at the present moment he can't see anything until the door has been opened".

I uttered the words, "Yes, open it" but at the same time I couldn't deny my resistance. This unsettled me and although I fully appreciate just how limiting that closed door is I also recognise how protecting it is. Suddenly I was faced with myself, faced with the challenge of looking and being honest with myself about what I really want to manifest and actualise in this lifetime. If I'm honest I couldn't help but feel I said 'yes' out of expectation and I have a sense that if I were being completely true to myself my answer would have been completely different.

Yoda mentioned there would be two major challenges in my life and did I have any idea as to how many had already passed. My response was that I believe one has already passed, as I spoke of its nature I felt my voice break slightly. Ken reached out and said I didn't have to go there, I responded "I'm fine talking about it".

For some reason the last two times when this has come up its potency has taken me by surprise; damn it's certainly still got hooks on me.

Chakra Scan:

Using what looked like metal dowsing rods Yoda asked me to clear my mind and relax while he scanned the line of my chakras. As I was attempting to clear my mind I kept thinking, well I think they're all going to be pretty much closed. As he started at my head my monkey mind and pattern of self damning quietened. At the point of my crown chakra the rods repelled each other wide open; the third eye was again very much wide open; the throat chakra... wide open, my heart chakra opened marginally but there was definitely a visible resistance; one which of course makes sense. My solar plexus was wide open and my sacral chakra nearly did a full circle in its opening.

Aura Colour/Clarity:

Without hesitation he said the colour of my aura was yellow and that it was clear. The aim over the upcoming weeks was to turn it gold.

Foot Transmission:

As I sat opposite Yoda he asked me to put my feet on his with my toes facing up his shins. As I did so his face began contorting, like he was struggling with something. With his eyes still closed he kept nodding before making an expressive movement with one hand. As I watched I recognised the action and I thought, "oh cr*p, I used to cut peoples' heads off".

Dialogue interchanged between Ken and Yoda; it seemed that they were struggling with what needed to be translated. Then Ken smiled and said, "You need a sword in your home, something that resonates for you. It should be a long sword of either Chinese or Japanese origins".

Wow this resonated straight away, firstly as a child I really liked to carry a knife (odd I know) but whilst in China I distinctly recall saying to Taina, "I would never have a sword in my house". In fact my reaction to it was pretty disproportionate.

According to Yodas' reading I was a high sword craftsman who, in an alternate life made beautiful swords of the finest quality.

The number of flowers my cleansing Melukat will contain is seven; apparently I am a relatively young soul who thankfully isn't carrying too much karma into this life time.

I'm so glad the three of us decided to share our diagnoses with each other; it brought a greater depth in just being witnessed. The three of us ate lunch on the veranda discussing what had just happened. Ken came up to say he was blown away and that Mary had received 18 flowers in her diagnosis. Apparently that's extremely rare and the hunt was now on around Bali to find the special 18th flower.

Ken gifted us each a sarong and we headed down for our first Melukat.

As I sat in a place of reflection the rhythmic sound of the ocean crashed at my back; all around the gentle breeze brought with it a sense of warm nurturance. Sat here in a place of inner calm, the beauty of my surroundings came to life. With palms together I was handed a stick of burning incense and the most pungent of flower heads, which were to be held at the point of my third eye.

The colours flashed and radiated inwards, setting in motion the most evocative of dances. In this heightened state of connectedness I offered thanks and gratitude for the opportunity. I set in place my intention for not only the upcoming weeks but an intention which would carry me forward. A vehicle on which I could move higher, move deeper into the realms of other.

In letting go of the flower head I had unwittingly triggered the start of the Melukat; without realising the initiation had begun.

In front of me the flower concoction and blessed water was stirred and mixed, over and over, then after a momentary pause the dowsing began. Container loads were poured over my head, the shock hit me hard expelling all the air out of my body. I started to panic fighting to regain my breath but as I fought to do so more and more cold water poured in and around me.

My body was rigid, the air flow restricted as it entered and left. I felt like I was drowning, I just needed a second; give me a second to catch my breath but there was no let up in the ceremony. Here I was powerless. My initiation had begun and from this point forward I knew I would have to just go with whatever was set to unfold.

As the water deluge came to a stop I was visibly shaken, my breath erratic. I felt like I'd somehow transcended time and space, on this stool I felt exposed, ripped wide open. I felt like I was a pitiful little girl drenched and helpless with no idea what to do or how to feel.

Confusion returned at my side like an old friend, a friend I had spent a lifetime trying to pull away from, disguise in my need to know, my need to understand everything. Here on this stool we met once more; the little girl within had been flushed out of her chamber. The water had left no recess of my soul untouched; the locked box that contained her had been prized open. As I looked over at Paula there was a glint of recognition, almost as if through watching me she had felt some of my discomfort. Knowing someone had witnessed me was a bitter sweet moment and I just felt vulnerable; I wanted to hide myself away and search for composure.

As I sat gazing down at my own hands, I was somewhat bemused. The fingers and palms seemed to have aged all of a sudden. Kens' voice asked me to cup them and drink three times the water. Under a piercing sun it tasted sweet; the scent heavenly. If I closed my eyes I could be laid out in a meadow, the blue sky overhead; the solid earth beneath.

As the water was poured a fourth time I dowsed it over my crown chakra; hopefully to close it a little as right now I feel like a gapping hole has been exposed. Rice was placed on my third eye, throat and shoulders to seal the ceremony. The journey it would seem had begun and I'd once again forgotten to read the safety card.

As the three of us headed back to our veranda we all looked completely different, obviously we resembled drowned rats but it was something far more subtle. It was almost as if a soft haze filter had been placed upon us; we were radiant.

I can't recall if many words were shared between us but I crashed out on the veranda bed, needing time to integrate. Whilst lying on my back with my knees bent up my left leg began its customary twitch. What is that, what is it that feels so trapped in that part of my body?

As the sea lapped against the shoreline I was left pondering my own life path. As tangible as the waves the thoughts advanced and receded, a slow reveal, a tussle back and forth over and under. In their wake Paulas' words resonated, "the mind is a terrible master and wonderful servant". As the last observable thought withdrew I was left with clear questions, 'how can I bring myself into things more? How can I open the door that Yoda spoke of and what message is my soul really telling me regarding that?'