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  • About:Bali has a long tradition of Bali Usada, also known as Balinese traditional healing. The Balinese live equally in two worlds: the seen or conscious world called sekala, and the unseen or psychic world, called niskala. In traditional Balinese healing, both of these elements need to be addressed in order to truly heal.

  • What to expect:The experience will be very public. The healer may make magic, create fire, use mudras, draw patterns on your body, spit wads of chewed herbs on your skin, apply scented oils, poke you with sharp sticks and/or give you a deep tissue massage or manipulation.

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Day 13, 13/11/11: Discovering Spirit - Bali

Up to go snorkelling in the Java Sea this morning off Menjangan Island. The spot was breathtaking the sea a spectrum of turquoise and blue. Each shade faded and merged, like a painters' easel the colours came together.

The first snorkelling stint from the island itself was pretty special, we swam out over a mass of coral. At times the water was so shallow I was nearly scraping my stomach. Then we made our way out to the cliff, the wall where the coral shelf fell away into the dark waters below. I was entranced, above the water was stunning but this was a whole different ball park. The colours, the coral, the rock formations filled with a mass of fish were incredible. This world beneath the waves felt so alive, it was vibrant.

During the first dive I carelessly hit my ankle on some coral, immediately I sensed it had drawn blood; well actually it was a small graze but I was now swimming in a heightened state of alert. How far away can a shark smell one droplet of blood?

If the first snorkel was amazing I'm bereft of the words to describe the second one, quite simply it was in a different league. Here we again followed the wall; the point where the coral shelf dropped into the dark realms below, however this time there were far more fish. There were clusters of every colour imaginable; it was inspiring just to see the creativity of Mother Nature.

As we swam the current seemed to get stronger; the water ranging from extremely warm to being so cool that my bones began to ache. Paula in her infinite wisdom, had decided that the hotspots must've been where I'd just peed. Jeez the thoughts people have, mind you... mental note, if that's what she's thinking then I'm most definitely not swimming behind her.

As we swam it was like connecting with a whole different world, it was magical. There was so much to focus on; the colours were all so vibrant, so inviting. At times I was slightly unnerved as away from the wall the water grew dark and bitterly cold.

As we climbed back in the boat and headed to shore the clouds looked like a cascade of giant powder puffs. As I gazed up they took on many forms, a pack of horses galloping; an approaching avalanche, the white plume of a fallen building.

Jo and I sat at the front of the boat talking about Nepal and our experience of the Himalayas. In reaching the hotel I dove straight into my outdoor shower... Tssss the sound was like steak hitting a hot pan.

As the water made contact with my backside it was like I'd been set alight, the heat intense. As I turned to look in the mirror I was horrified to see how burnt my backside and legs were. It was frightening to see such a deep shade of magenta.