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  • About:Bali has a long tradition of Bali Usada, also known as Balinese traditional healing. The Balinese live equally in two worlds: the seen or conscious world called sekala, and the unseen or psychic world, called niskala. In traditional Balinese healing, both of these elements need to be addressed in order to truly heal.

  • What to expect:The experience will be very public. The healer may make magic, create fire, use mudras, draw patterns on your body & spit wads of chewed herbs on your skin.

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Day 4, 29/04/12: Rediscovering Spirit - Bali

I awoke early to witness the sun rise on a scarlet canvas. Paula asked if I stipulated how I wanted my boiled eggs, "they'll be fine", I replied. Eww don't think I've ever made so much mess trying to eat eggs before, let's just say the whites were pretty translucent.

The two of us sat on the veranda talking; at times it got pretty emotional. We spent the morning by the pool, it was good to be present for someone else. So often I get caught up in my own drama, my own world that I don't leave room for other people to just be, to evolve their thoughts and feelings; so often I'm in a hurry.

Ken performed the BARS on us individually. With the sound of breaking waves at my feet I went pretty deep into a state of relaxation. When Ken first made contact with my head I felt a pulsating pressure resonate down into me. It felt like it entered me in a series of waves; at times I felt nauseous; almost like I'd developed some throbbing mega vein in my head. Then he lightly touched my forehead around the point of my third eye. The minute he did so a palette of colour erupted; crescent after crescent of liquid golden nectar entered. The feeling was divine, somehow energising; expansive?

As he continued to lightly touch the various points I sank deeper and deeper into the couch. On a number of occasions my left foot jolted and flicked skyward. My right hand had also developed an independent mind of its own as it jolted and danced.

Afterwards I struggled to arouse myself from such a relaxed state. As I walked away I felt like I was floating, completely discombobulated but definitely in a serene space.

As the sun began to drop we jumped into Emerald's quirky old Volkswagen 'thing'. With the top down we careered through the back roads of rural Bali. With the wind in our hair, the sights and smells simply added to the experience.

Our destination was Tirtagangga - the water palace. These sacred springs were restored to their former glory by Emerald after an earthquake had left them partially destroyed. This place is now filled with local people enjoying its magic. Directly in front of us a Pisa like fountain seemed to radiate as the water cascaded from each tier.

The water looked cold so we entered the only way appropriate - we jumped. Paula had a foot massage at the side whilst Ken and I talked. On so many levels it feels like my journey to Burma was all about meeting and walking with these souls.

As we ate dinner on the veranda I used Paula's phone to skywalk the cosmos. I was amazed at how many constellations were seated all around us; admittedly I was also a little concerned at the quantity of littered satellites. There was a constellation which resembled a huge serpent, both Genesis I and II looked epic. Before my eyes I had all the makings of an evocative fantasy tale, each of the characters a heavenly offering.

I have never felt as connected to space and the outer cosmos as I do right now. It was back in November when the Oracle Priestess first sung the words of Astral to us; during that time I believe a portal was opened. Her words were an ethereal melody which entered me viscerally and now the connection remains stronger than ever.

As I look up I am met by all the characters of the night sky. Here, before them I stand, a complete novice, an initiate on this brave new quest.

We toasted a glass of Bintang (beer) for tomorrow I will head across Bali to meet my friends at the airport.