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  • About:Bali has a long tradition of Bali Usada, also known as Balinese traditional healing. The Balinese live equally in two worlds: the seen or conscious world called sekala, and the unseen or psychic world, called niskala. In traditional Balinese healing, both of these elements need to be addressed in order to truly heal.

  • What to expect:The experience will be very public. The healer may make magic, create fire, use mudras, draw patterns on your body & spit wads of chewed herbs on your skin.

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Day 3, 28/04/12: Rediscovering Spirit - Bali

Up early to watch the sun rise. This time of year is less humid than November; the climate seems to be fuelling me with energy as opposed to sapping it. I experienced a lot of dreams during the night. I went to bed with the question of what is my purpose and how am I to recognise and actualise the potential within.

My dream kept slipping into a state of lucidity. I was following a path, or rather a way of being. At each crossroads I was able to make life choices however as a result of my choice I appeared to die. I was fully present and aware I was dying but I had no connection to either myself or my emotions.

There was no sense of loss or sadness; at times I would change back; recover my old path but again the same thing happened. During the second passing I tried to look deeper, to gain a sense of what was going on, explore what I was or was not feeling. However as I did so I was met by the same sense of nothingness.

As I drifted deeper I was immediately startled. In my dream came a woman's face, her presence unnervingly close. An elderly face with deep set wrinkles, her laugh looked cruel and unforgiving. Was it a mask; was I part of some sort of ritual; part of some great unveiling I am not yet aware of? As my heart began to race I could hear the ocean waves crashing, slurping against the shoreline. Their rhythm fractured; a mirror of the tussle that was going on inside.

When I awoke the dream stayed present. I took myself down to the pool and practiced some free form qigong. My body in desperate need of some slow, deep stretches.

Ken joined for a chat before Yoda arrived to carry out our first Melukat (please note the names' of all the healers have been altered to protect what is sacred). I spoke to Paula regarding my dream; she mentioned it sounded to her as if it were potentially linked to a surrendering of ego.

Yoda asked how many flowers we were each assigned for our Melukat (he reads a persons' flowers once every 5yrs - mine had been checked in November 2011). I replied 7 flowers, muttering I want a recount under my breath. Yoda looked at Ken and then said my aura did not reflect 7 flowers.

Ken, Yoda and I sat in the alcove with the sea breaking in front of us. He held my hands and through Ken said, "some people think they are more flowers; they believe this to be the case however they are not. The only way of checking is the hands; the hands do not lie".

He spent time on each of my fingers, paying particular attention to the thumb on my left hand. Then he said with much assertion, "11". Ken commented that the stuff Yoda had picked up on during my last visit seemed to have passed. He asked if I had a sense of whether this was the case. I replied that I didn't feel there was anything still outstanding from my previous time here.

Yoda scanned my chakras. As he made his way down from my crown the dowsing rods swung open, my third eye wide open; my throat wide open; my heart (the sticking point last time) was open; my solar plexus wide open; my sacral chakra - closed. It didn't budge one iota. Surprising somewhat as last time it flew wide open. My root chakra; wide open.

Yoda smiled and Ken translated, "he says this is easy to rectify with you, it's just a case of balancing". He went on to suggest that I use the Melukats (sacred water purification ceremony) to balance, bringing in the energetic currents to lift my energy to compliment the rise from 7 to 11 flowers. He said that through recent shifts my energy hadn't managed to catch up; that the 11 was symbolic of my spiritual path now becoming my priority; not my purpose.

Yoda said he would use our time together to work on lifting aspects of good fortune, success and luck; to resource and enable my path so as I may continue at an enhanced frequency.

As the Melukat waters flowed through me I experienced a sense of great expansion. Through good fortune rather than courage, I appear to have relinquished my fear concerning the water. I no longer feel trapped in my own chest cavity.

So what's changed? I believe I have started to release and open myself in relation to a lot of situations that were causing stagnation in my life. I have actively sought change and resolution with regards to my work situation, friendships and how I honour and relate to my own sense of self; my own feelings.

Granted none of these attempts have led to an outcome I would have chosen but then again nor did they lead to an outcome I would have considered either.

I feel on some level I have started to take back ownership and I now feel more potent in making my own life choices. There is a sense of re-discovering my power; granted it's a power that I myself had willingly given away but it feels good to welcome it back. All this certainly is a life long journey of discovery. Right now as I cast my eyes out across the Lombok Straight I feel a deep sense of authenticity, an enhanced feeling of purpose and I bow to the potential of that.

I can choose where and how I invest my thoughts and my energy. As Francesco would say, "where the mind goes qi goes" and that is so much about choice. I believe it pivots at the point of stepping out from my own drama.

After the Melukat I left Ken and Paula talking by the pool and headed up on the veranda for a long massage with Tonno. At times I could feel my upper shoulders ache as he worked up the inside of my lower legs. At times I was wincing. This was not a relaxing massage but rather a feat of endurance.

After he had finished I felt dizzy, pretty spaced out. I lay on my bed and dozed before awakening to eat dinner on the veranda. The breeze tonight felt cool against my skin, a sensation which was altogether very much appreciated.