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  • About:Bali has a long tradition of Bali Usada, also known as Balinese traditional healing. The Balinese live equally in two worlds: the seen or conscious world called sekala, and the unseen or psychic world, called niskala. In traditional Balinese healing, both of these elements need to be addressed in order to truly heal.

  • What to expect:The experience will be very public. The healer may make magic, create fire, use mudras, draw patterns on your body & spit wads of chewed herbs on your skin.

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Day 2, 27/04/12: Rediscovering Spirit - Bali

Whilst sat reading in the Kuala Lumpur airport I couldn't help but notice the energy of the couple sat behind me. He was a middle aged English guy and she, a young Asian lady. Repeatedly he kept jabbing at her, his tone belittling. His anger seemed to have been fuelled by her receiving a text message, "is that from another one of your boyfriends?"

Looking down she shook her head, with hand outstretched he took the mobile and proceeded to check through the numbers; questioning her as he did so. All the while he seemed more intent on watching her body language than listening to anything she might have been saying.

Before long a sickening grin filled his face, "you know I'm only doing this for you own good don't you?" Sat there I literally had to think myself into the chair; to say I was riled was an understatement. As I sat, consumed by my own sense of outrage I remembered the distance symbol I had just been given as part of my Reiki II initiation; Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen.

I figured I could use the symbol to send healing energy and strength back to every time this may have happened previously and to also send strength for a time when it might happen again.

As I boarded the plane I couldn't shake the thought of how destructive and toxic relationships can be. Coming from a place of fury a small child popped up in the seat in front of me; her Mum struggling with another small infant. The woman was so happy, positively engaging with both children. In fact this went on for the entire flight. I was enamoured by the way she handled herself. After all a single young lady travelling on a long haul flight with two small infants is certainly no small feat. In response to their Mother's demeanour the two children were angels, a rarity for sure, well certainly on most flights I've been on.

As each passenger boarded I did my usual head send, "please don't sit next to me; please don't sit next to me" and celebrated as each passenger passed by. Thankfully I was fortunate to have the middle row of four seats to myself. The bonus being the arms all lifted up so for the duration I could lay out flat. In my usual customary manner I selected a children's film to watch, Hugo. Needless to say it wasn't too long before I had a lump in my throat and tears rolling down my cheeks.

On arriving in Denpasar I sat down with an iced cappuccino and waited for Paula's flight to arrive. It was great to see her and soon enough we were making our way across Bali to spend a few days with Ken & Sam at Emerald's.