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  • What: The channeling of Universal Energy

  • Who: Anyone, a person needs to do nothing more than be attuned by a Master & have the intent to make healing energy available whenever they put their hands on themselves or some else.

  • Benefits:Brings about deep relaxation, assists in the release of energy blockages, provides new vitality in the form of balancing universal life energy & increases the vibrational frequency of the body

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Discovering Reiki in Nepal

Reiki can be split into two words the first 'Rei' refers to universal life force; the second 'Ki' means energy and is the same as 'Chi' or 'Qi' in China, and 'Prana' in India. Reiki therefore is generally described as Universal Energy.

Within Western traditions the penny has finally dropped & collectively we are starting to acknowledge the link between our emotional, physical and mental health. This is far from 'new age' thinking but widely accepted and preserved within many Eastern & Shamanic cultures throughout the world. They believe that conflicts in our lives that we're unable to deal with get suppressed into our subconscious and eventually manifest in the form of dis-ease.

An unbalanced energy system may therefore have disrupted energy flow or even blockages. When we channel the Reiki energy we are offering the mind-body-spirit of the person the best possible opportunity to balance its energy system, which in turn propagates the healing process on all levels.

The energy that we work with in Reiki is the same chi that flows around the body through the meridian system & is cultivated in Thai Chi or Qigong. The flow of chi can be manipulated by acupuncture and acupressure techniques. Chi is the Chinese and Ki the Japanese term for this energy. In India, the energy is called Prana and it flows through channels called Nadis. Rather than Tai Chi, Indian adepts practice yoga and Pranayama to develop their energy.

An important principle to remember is that Reiki energy does not come from our own personal energy store but instead comes in a continuous, never ending flow from the universe outside our own energy field. After a person has been attuned to Reiki, they are able to channel this energy through their own bodies and direct it towards others or unto themselves.

In practicing Reiki we are not trying to fix people's conflicts but are merely providing a safe & supportive holding space for ourselves and/or our clients to channel this energy. The Shamanic term for this facilitative practice is 'hollow bone'. At the subconscious level, the recipient's energy system knows what to do with the energy for the person's highest good; therefore it is not we who are healing the person but that they are in fact healing themselves. We are merely a facilitator in this process, a simple but profound notion.

Why Nepal?

Reiki is no different to many of the other holistic therapies in that a central theme is the process of healing, or wholeness - for both others & ourselves. In learning to facilitate the healing of others it is crucial to be developing our own openness. Through engaging fully in our own personal healing, we in turn develop our innate ability to hold the space for others as they begin their own process to heal.

The Himalayas are an amazing place to learn & explore shared healing; whether you are new to this practice or have been practicing for decades it is a combination of Nepal's beautiful scenery and hospitable people which make it an ideal setting to learn & practice further the principles of Reiki.

Located in Kathmandu, Boudhanath is home to the Great Stupa, Jarung Khashor in Tibetan, which translates to "permission given for proper action". The Great Stupa is thought to be over two thousand years old and provides a powerful focal point of sacred energy. It is one of the most important places of pilgrimage for the people of the Himalayas, and for Buddhists, Hindus, Jains, & Bonpos. A Stupa is a recognized symbol of the Buddha Mind and a "Kora" is the customary rite of circumambulation which confers blessings upon those who observe it. According to some the circumambulation of a sacred object is symbolic of circling the world, the all contained in the self.

From the Great Stupa the healing journey heads into the surrounding hills of Kathmandu to a place famed for its spectacular sunrise & sunset views, Nagarkot. Here the Reiki practice room, (situated at the Hotel at the end of the universe) has the most incredible view; a panoramic view which encompasses the whole of the mighty Langtang range.

Time spent here is a magical experience, not only does the soul feel purified and mind tensions eased but time spent here is also dedicated to understanding the different concepts of the energy body & chakras. In this inspirational setting it is fascinating to learn how to use sound with treatments, in the form of Kotodama, toning & mantra, along with learning how to enhance the scanning process using Tibetan singing bowls and bells. Sound vibration has been used for millennia in healing as well as in esoteric spiritual practices, so although it's not familiar to most Westerners, the practice here is following in a well-established tradition.

Whilst out in the Himalayas the group was given plenty of opportunity & time to meditate together daily; there was also an opportunity to work with the Tamang Shamans and visit a Hindu temple situated nearby.

From Nagarkot we followed the Trisuli River to the township of Pokhara, 200km west of Kathmandu. This area is home to the eerie Phewa Tal Lake. The lake has a mystic grey appearance which is framed by a mountainous backdrop of Machhapuchre (Sacred Fish Tail Peak) & the mighty Annapurna range.

Sat up high on the hillside overlooking Phewa Tal is Nepal's Peace Pagoda. This is one of eighty such Pagodas built throughout the world by the Buddhist Monks of the Nipponzan Myohoji organization. These Pagodas were first built as a symbol of peace in the Japanese cities of Hiroshima & Nagasaki. It was upon this hill over looking Phewa Tal that the group conducted a sunset ritual to bless & share in the energy from the Flame of Avalon; which had been lit & carried from the Goddess Temple, in Glastonbury.

Nepal is a magical place where one can truly immerse themselves in beauty, serenity & spirituality. Here a number of religions exist harmoniously alongside each other, though still considered a 3rd world country Nepal has many a gift & insight to offer those residing in the West. For me, the healing experience of Reiki & Nepal touched me deeply & I shall forever look back upon the experiences shared with the sincerest of sentiment.